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Welcome to AaronDWilliams.org

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This site is simple. It's a Web-Place about helping people. It comes from wondering what my family can do for others. These few pages will document and inform everyone what we do. The site will contain articles, photos, blog entries, and simple forms for feedback. Eventually I would like to expand the site to include a forum, posting place, and guest-book features, but who knows. It's all about charity. It's all about help, care, and compassion. We, here at ADW.org feel that helping others is the most important thing in life. Period! As we become more organized we will extend our charity work to cover a much larger area. Now, however, we are working on a micro-scale. Here are some of the ideas we've come up with. Let me know what you think. email .

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New Event Photos From Today May 3rd, 2008 

Event Photos From April 26th, 2008  

Our Mission 

     At AaronDWilliams.org we will provide food to the hungry. Through constant effort, our programs will attempt to increase the welfare of the lives of anyone in need. We will put the needs of the disadvantaged first. We will care for everyone with the utmost of compassion. We are here to give food to people in need.

"...helping others is the most important thing in life."

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Take a look at these pictures from the Events!

"Pancakes in the Park" - Each Saturday morning I'd like to whip up a couple hundred pancakes and hot oatmeal and serve them up at local parks that are known for high homeless traffic. The pancakes, syrup, oatmeal, serving utensils, and plates I will get from Costco in large quantity.

"Rainy-Day Coffee and Doughnuts" - Every once and a while. And I mean every once and a while, I am going to take the day off on a weekday and buy coffee and donuts for a homeless shelter. I haven't worked out the details as to where, when, and how, but it's an idea nonetheless.

"Holiday Do-It-Rights" - This is simple. Almost too simple. For each major holiday I will plan and execute an appropriately themed holiday treat for people in need. These people will include families in need, homeless, incarcerated, old, and ill. Once again this is simply an idea now but before the next holiday it'll be a go.

Follow the links to the above events and see how cool they are. Also, see if you'd be interested in helping out. I'd love it. My wife works a lot harder than I do professionally, and she's beat on the weekends. I need a couple partners in crime. Aaron


I want to start an auction page called Auctions for Action.

The idea is self-explanatory. We will receive items a donations and sell them on the site. We will set an auction start date and a close date. The person who has bid the most gets the item.

Visit the Auctions For Action section now!!!

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