"Pancakes in the Park"




We have expanded! We are now starting to feed people around the world! Take a look at the pictures below. They were taken this weekend by Shraddha's family in Kathmandu, Nepal. The children in the pictures reside in a private orphanage that recently suffered an unthinkable bout of embezzlement. The children's gaurdian ran away, taking the little reserves of money they had. We jumped at the opportunity to help! We want one thing only and that is a genuine and honest care for everyone in need. 
Feed Someone!!!


 From Kathmandu, Nepal  Septmember 21st, 2008













Those are a few of Shraddha's MANY, MANY, aunts. We are truly touched by this!

Thank you!

 Here we are on May 31st, 2008











Pancakes for May 24th, 2008


And we're back!

It was a beautiful morning to serve some pancakes. The sun was out early and there was plenty of hungry pancake lovers.










  It was a great, great morning. Remember however, there are many more people who are hungry and we won't stop trying to feed them all! Helping people is the most important thing in life. Period.

See you next week!



Pancakes in the Park May 10th, 2008


Back to basics! Pancakes!

With a little early morning help from the moody bear cub we were off!















 May 3rd, 2008

 Can you say Bagels and Cream Cheese?


     This week it was bagels. And it was a hit. We were off a little late but all was well this cool and rainy morning. We cut'm up and headed out to feed someone. Chris wrote up a "feed someone" newsletter that we passed out at the park. It was the usual gratitude and smiles. Take a look.











 Once again, Success! See you all next week!


Event Photos from April 26th, 2008

     This week it was donuts. We picked up the donuts fresh and warm on Saturday morning and set out to feed people. It was a gorgeous sunny morning and  we were busy as always. Take a look as some of our regulars made their way over for some coffee and donuts.












    Wayne (top-right) was all smiles in his gentle giant kind of way. He could only take two donuts but was his usual timid appreciative self. As usual, Chris (bottom-right) was doing all the work while I stood around and tried to stay in the sun. Once again it was a successful day in the park!

In the beginning there was pancakes. April 12th, 2008


      As you can see the kitchen was on overload as the ADW.org team whipped up the pancakes for the hungry. Chef Amma and Chef Chris were busy at work perfecting the age-old Krusteaz pancake recipe.


All smiles today!!! It's all for one reason. feed someone!!!

April 19th, 2008


      It was a great day to feed someone. It was freezing. Well, it was cold. The hungry were out and we were there to feed them. We had some return customers that were glad to see us but not as happy as we were to see them. Take a look at the photos of this week and we'll see you soon.



Can anyone say French Toast?

This is what it's all about!

Another happy customer. We want more!


Until next week...

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     Here at ADW.org we feel that taking care of others is the most important thing in life. Personally I think it is more important than myself, my name, my existence. Thank you for making this possible. We are on a mission!

feed someone!!!